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Jul. 20, 2024


10:00 am - 10:45 am



Join our dynamic Buns & Abs group fitness class for an energizing workout that targets two key areas: your glutes and your core. This class combines a variety of exercises designed to sculpt and strengthen your lower body and abdominal muscles. From targeted toning exercises to high-intensity intervals, each session is carefully crafted to challenge and motivate you towards achieving your fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to tighten and tone, increase strength and stability, or simply enjoy a fun and effective workout, Buns & Abs is the perfect class for you. All fitness levels are welcome, so come sweat, laugh, and feel the burn with us!

Participation Policy: Complimentary for all members. To participate in these classes, registration through the Griffin Club Fitness App is mandatory. Failure to sign up in advance may result in the inability to attend.

12-hour Cancellation Policy: Three late cancellations or no-shows within one month will lead to a 2-week suspension of your account, restricting class sign-ups.

Guest Participation Policy: Guests are not permitted to participate in these classes.

Booking Window: 7-day booking window.

Waitlist Policy: In the event of a cancellation by an attendee on the “Attendee List,” the system will automatically notify individuals on the waitlist in the order they were added. This process will continue up to 2 hours before the class starts.

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Griffin Club Los Angeles - Fitness
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