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We offer both Racquet and Athletic memberships, each tailored for individuals, families, and juniors (under 32). Membership is by invitation only and is subject to approval. 

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Alternatively, you may call our Membership Team at (310) 558-6418 or send an Email to

Frequently Asked Questions
Griffin Club is a non-equity club, meaning our membership does not hold any ownership interest in the club’s assets or possess governance rights. Initiation fees are non-refundable but lower than comparable equity clubs, and members are not responsible for the cost of capital improvements. While memberships are not transferable or sellable, members are free from the worry of resignation waitlists due to needing a buyer or dealing with any assessments should the club face unexpected financial difficulties. Non-equity clubs have a vested interest in member satisfaction because it is what drives the success of the business, and they cannot create the same kind of barriers that members of equity clubs often face when they wish to leave their club..

Griffin Club offers two primary categories of membership: Racquet Membership and Athletic Membership (non-racquet). Under these categories, both family and individual memberships are available. Junior Memberships are available to members under the age 32.

  • Racquet Membership: Full access to all club amenities and programming and for those seeking regular court access to participate tennis and pickleball.
  • Athletic Membership: Designed for individuals and families who are interested in the club’s social and fitness programming, including access to dining, outdoor pools and our fitness and wellness facilities. Court access is strictly limited to 10 times in a 12-month period, and this category does not allow for participation in tennis or pickleball.

Membership at Griffin Club involves three key components:

  • One-Time Initiation Fee: This initial, non-refundable fee secures your membership, contributing to the ongoing maintenance and enhancement of the club’s facilities and services.
  • Monthly Dues: Regular dues are essential for covering the club’s operational expenses and ensuring we continue offering our members the highest-quality amenities and services.
  • Quarterly Food and Beverage Minimum: Members are required to meet a minimum expenditure on food and beverages at the club each quarter. This helps to ensure that our community, programming and culinary services remain vibrant..

The Griffin Club membership is dynamic, diverse, and full of life. With an average primary member age around 45, our club is home to a broad array of people including families, professionals, and retirees. We value diversity and a family-friendly atmosphere, offering various activities and amenities to suit all interests and ages. We aim to provide a vibrant community where everyone feels welcome and can easily find activities to enjoy and people they love to spend time with.

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